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Welcome to My Personal Guide WebsiteAll about temples from (  802AD-1431AD)

Preah Ko Temple

This is the development of Khmer architecture , Divided into stylistic periods ninth century as below :

Date: Ninth century ( c 825- 75 )

King :Jayavarman II ( Reigned 802-50)

Monuments: The Kulen Temple.

Bakhong Temple

Date:Last quarter of the ninth century ( c875-93 )

King: Indravarman I (Reigned 877-89)

Monuments: Preah Ko (879) , Bakong ( 881)

Transitional:Lolei ( 893)

Bakhang Temple
Date:Late ninth century early tenth century (c 893- 925)
King:YasovarmanI ( Reigned 889-900)
Monuments:Bakheng (893) ,Phnom Krom , Phnom Bok
Transitional:Baksei Chamkrong, Prasat Kravan ( 921)

Koh Ker Temples Group

Date:Middle of the tenth century ( c 921-945)

King:Jayavarman IV ( Reigned c921-942

Monuments: The Koh Ker Groups

Pre Rup Temple  Date:Middle of the tenth century (c 974-965)

King:RajendravarmanII( Reigned 944-968)

Monuments: East Mebon (952), Pre Rup (961)

This temples appearing in the lake Baray Tataka .

Banteay Srei Temple

Date: Last half of tenth century ( c 967-1000)

King: RajendravarmanII (967) ,

King: JayavarmanV ,

Monuments:Banteay Srei .

Kleang Temple  Date: Last tenth century early eleventh Century(c 965-1010)

King JayavarmanV ( Reigned 968-1001)

Monuments: Ta Keo ( c1000, North and South Kleangs, Phimeanakas (c 970).

Angkor Wat Temple

Date: Twelfth century (1100-75)

King:SuryavarmanII (Reigned 1112-1152)

Monuments: Thommonon, Banteay Samre , Beng Mealae, Chau Say Tevoda, Angkor Wat ( 1112-1152).

Bayon Temple

Date: Last quarter of the twelfth and early thirteenth century ( 1177-1230)

King: Jayavarman V II ( Reigned 1181- C 1220 ) .

Bayon The king Jayavarman VII builted for his self.
Ta Prohm Temple ,This temples building by the King Jayavarman VII ,
Monuments: Banteay Kdei  build for University  (1181),Ta Prohm built for his mother(1186), Preah Khan for his father(1191),Ta Som for his sister , Angkor Thom encosure and Gates, Bayon ( c 1200 ).
Royal Terraces, Leper King Terrace ,Banteay Chmar ,Sras Srang the place for king bathing house, Prasat  Neak Pean us to be the place hospital for helped Cambodian people in that period .

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