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Project Management

Welcome to My Personal Guide Website,

This is not the website of a large tour company.  In Cambodia, there are many, many tour companies and many people who are competing to take tourists to the temples.  Cambodia Angkor Tours is different.  It is a one man operation. I worked very hard at different jobs to get to where

I am today, and I take care of tourists visiting Cambodia because I love the opportunity and because I want a fulfilling job that can support my family.  Visiting Cambodia with Angkor Cambodia Tours is a way for you to enjoy a hands-on and individualized experience.  I pride myself on being hardworking and honest.

Since Cambodia Angkor Tours is a reflection of me, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up farming rice with my parents, five brothers, and two sisters, but I wanted an education.  My school was very far away and my parents had no money to send me there.  So every day I woke up at five a.m., watered the crops, and rode a bicycle one hour to school.  When I returned in the afternoon, I took care of our cows and helped my parents with the farm.  I wanted to escape from these jobs. 

So when I was twenty I went to live in a Buddhist monastery that is near the high school.  The monks gave me food and a place to sleep while I studied and worked as a driver for tourists.  After I graduated, I fell in love with one of my closest friends from school, and we married in 2007.We now have two wonderful sons, Sovechea and Sopanha . My siblings did not have the opportunity to go to school, so I visit them often at my family farm.

I have many beautiful nieces and nephews now and I sponsor them so that they too may go to school and build good lives for themselves.  I often take many of my guests to my home village to meet my family and experience real Khmer village life. My guests can help us tend the rice paddies and care for the cows and oxen.  We have many traditional Khmer musicians in my village, and guests can spend time with them learning traditional Khmer instruments.  Village families are large and the children always get excited when foreigners come to visit.  Many of my clients have enjoyed an afternoon playing games with our local kids.  I hope we can share our culture with you.

Your guide to Cambodia,

Mr, Kol Chhen ,

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