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Cambodian Angkor Tour Services ,

Countryside Tours I grew up in Siem Reap Province in a village known as Palmtree Village.  The vast majority of Cambodians live in small villages just like this one.  Exploring the modern opportunities in Siem Reap and the ancient spectacles of the temples are fantastic opportunities, but to fully explore Khmer culture and the struggles that Cambodia continues to face, a trip to the countryside is essential.  Cambodia is the poorest country in Southeast Asia and Siem Reap province remains the second poorest province in the country. There are many villages that I work with that love to receive foreigners for a visit.  Travel with me to see water buffalo, stilt houses, and traditional rice cultivation in vibrantly green paddies.  The people of the countryside are generous and friendly and life is slow.  Traveling to one of these villages brings further interest and income to them.  A visit to them is a way for generous individuals to help redress the economic imballance in Cambodian society. Also home stay  are still available at my village

.Thing To Do In Siem Reap City

Sunset Tour at West Baray : West Baray locations west of Angkor Wat temple was build from 11st century , This is local tours offers sunset on the boat and you will visit village , Pagoda and life style of village ,

A giant reservoir constructed during the Khmer Empire, measuring 8km long by 2.1km wide (or almost 2,300 Wembley Stadium football pitches). Its purpose at the time it was constructed is still not clear, and the original hypothesis, that it was used for irrigation, no longer holds much water. In the centre, is an island with the West Mebon temple. A great spot for walks, or a short boat ride out to the island.

Departure Tour: Pick Up from your hotel at 3.30PM untill 6.30PM . We will meet you at your hotel and then we will take you visit Pagoda / Blessing with holy water and tour guide will continue will take you by boat across West Baray to visit my homeland village Koktnoth (Palm Tree Village).This will allow you to see the lifestyle of village people and meet with them.  We will also use the countryside of my homeland village to view the sunset over West Baray.This will provide a great photo opportunity.

Our tour services from 1pax -4pax cost :USD50 per person include Local English Speaking Tour Guide .Tours and transfers as mentioned by private air-conditioned vehicles .Fruit tasting on the trips.Cold drink ( Angkor Beer , Soft drink ,fresh coconut , cold water and cold towel, Entrance fees for boat ride .

SAMBO PREI KUB TEMPLES. This is a very old, and rarely visited, temple located a four hour driver  from Siem Reap.  The nearby Kampong Thom City is an excellent place to spend the night if you want to enjoy a leisurely trip.

The drive itself is beautiful, a journey along the lush scenery of the Prey Preas River.  Villagers in this area specialize in meals that include crickets, spiders, and frogs as well as sticky rice. The Sambo Prei Kuh temples were the second capital of the Khmer Empire and were built in the 7th Century by King Isanvarman I.

You cannot get to these temples by motorbike.  The journey is long and requires a car, as well as a guide experienced in the area. Entrace fees to the temples are USD$10 per person.  Transportation and Tour Guide costs USD$220.  This is a rare temple experience that only those foreigners willing to step off the beaten path get to enjoy.

Kulen National Park with Waterfall.Kulen Mountain is around 60km north of Angkor Wat and one of the holiest places in Cambodia.  The waters of the Siem Reap river, so important for the Angkor Empire,Flowed from this mountain, and visitors can still see the fertility symbols carved into the riverbed centureis ago to ensure continued prosperity.

holy men study here and ascetic hermits live in ancient pagodas.  It was at Kulen that the Devaraja cult was born, turning the human rulers of the Khmer into gods.  Pilgrimages are still made to the mountain and visitors can swim in the clean, cool water and examine the carvings, waves of butterflies swooping past and off into the lush jungle around.

Kulen Mountain is also the sight of the Reclining Buddha monument, a massive statue carved whole out of the mountain top in the 16th Century.  During the Indochina War, bombs were dropped all around the Buddha, but none destroyed that statue.  It is now a popular place for Khmer to make picnics.

The price for package tour visit Kulen Mountain with Waterfall

No of pax 1pax - 4pax cost :USD170 and tour groups 5pax -11pax cost USD190 Our Services includeLocal English Speaking Tour Guide Tours and transfers as mentioned by private air-conditioned vehicles .Fruit tasting on the trips.Cold drink ( Angkor Beer , Soft drink ,fresh coconut , cold water and cold towel.Our Services  Exclude: Entrance fees for Kulen Mountain :USD20 per person. Personal travel insurance.Any other items not mentioned.Lunch in a local family house.Booking your tour guide Mr Chhen Kol .


The third ancient capital of Khmer Empire was built by King Jayavarman IV in the 10th century.

It is located 80km from Kulen Mountain and around 150km away from Siem Reap city.  The trip to Koh Ker is beautiful, passing buccolic farms, rice paddies, a rubber farm, and many quiet villages.you will visit Prasat Thom one of biggest temples in Koh Ker Groups and this is one locations you will feeling like you first found this temples groups .

Highly recommend you visit early morning with great views from Prasat Thom .Koh Ker Groups temples .


Beng Mealea Temple is 70km from Siem Reap at the foot of Kulen Mountain.  Built in the 12th Century, many scholars believe it was the model for Angkor Wat.It is just as wonderful of a temple but it is still largely lost in the jungle

The accommodations made for tourists at Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom have not been made here, and visitors enjoy a much quieter and adventurous experience.it is around 65km away from Siem Reap city and the way from Siem Reap you will see the culture house on the road both side .Entrance fees for visit Beng Mealea :USD5 per person you can get when you arrive at Beng Mealea temple.

No of pax 1pax-4pax tour services cost :USD180 and tour groups 5pax -12pax tour services cost :USD220 Our Services includeLocal English Speaking Tour Guide Tours and transfers as mentioned by private air-conditioned vehicles .Fruit tasting on the trips.Cold drink ( Angkor Beer , Soft drink ,fresh coconut , cold water and cold towel.

Exclude:Entrance fees for Beng Mealea :USD5 Per Person.Entrance fees for Koh Ker :USD10 per person .

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