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Welcome to My Personal Guide Website,Welcome Ladies and Gentlmen,

I am a licensed Angkor tour guide who is fluent in English.  I have been leading tourists through the Angkor temple sights and explaining to them the rich history of the ancient Khmer Empire for the past seven years.

Becoming a licensed tour guide is a long and expensive process.  Only certified guides are allowed to accompany tourists into the temples.  If you wish to enjoy a thorough and informed explanation of the history, art, and architecture of ancient Angkor as you explorer the Temples step-by-step, you must be accompanied by a licensed guide.  Unlicensed guides are not allowed into the premises with tour groups.

For only US $30 a day I will be your reliable and informed guide to the mysteries of my ancestors' culture and empire.Hotel and Guesthouse Services:Siem Reap is full of hotels and guesthouses; there is an option for all tastes and budgets.

We have lavish, five-star hotels that provide excellent comfort and service as well as cozy, family-run guesthouses where you can stay for just a few dollars a night. Having worked and lived in Siem Reap for many years, I have built a network of friends and colleagues and can secure for you rooms at prices far below the usual rate.  Looking for a hotel with a spa and room service?

I know just the place.  Prefer simpler comforts and the chance to meet a local Khmer family while they prepare your breakfast?  I know the perfect place to find that as well.  Let me know you preferences when you email and I will take care of everything.Transportation:There are many modes of transportation for your exploration of Angkor.  Whether you prefer the comfort of an air-conditioned car, the excitement of a motorbike, or the pleasure of group ride in a motorized tuk-tuk taxi, I can find the safest and most comfortable option for you. 

If you prefer to ride in a car, we can take my own Lexus 470 with 4WD.  This is a very popular car in Cambodia, and I have made sure to keep it beautiful and in strong working condition.  The cost is US $40 for a full day in the Angkor temple complex, all petrol included.  If you are part of a larger group, we can take a van, which can seat eight to fifteen people, for US $45.

Half-day rentals are available as well.  I operate all of the vehicles myself.Pick-up and deposit to the Siem Reap Airport, Siem Reap bus station, and the Tonle Sap boat landing is free. Exploring by tuk-tuk is one of the best and most popular ways of exploring the temples.

Each Tuk-Tuk can carry four passengers and your drive into the jungle will be in the open air, the breeze and the smells of Khmer cooking in roadside stands wafting around you.  If the day includes rain, you are covered under the tuk-tuk's canopy,and if the rain becomes a downpour, protective flaps are easily unfurled to create a private carriage for you.

Tuk-tuks cost US $20 per day and covers the entire Angkor complex.Tourists who want to experience the Khmer motobike, the main mode of transportation in Cambodia's cities,

Can hop on back and listen to me point out the secrets of Ancient Angkor as we whizz down the road. Cambodian motos are very comfortable and the ideal mode of transportation for the solo traveler.  Motos cost US $20 per person, per motor.Helmets are provided free of charge.

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